An Act of Kindness - Week 1

The “An Act of Kindness” challenge is now well underway, and our participants have reported their findings for the first week. The conditions of the challenge prompt participants to be more conscious of their day-to-day interactions with others, and challenges them to commit as many kind acts as they can! Last week many kind acts were performed by Jason Cameron, Pilaws, the pilgrimage, Darren Cheong, Edna Nortey, CountyKnight, Sabrina Daracan and Misheel Batkhuu; keep reading to discover their findings!
Has anyone ever recognized your kindness this week?
Misheel Batkhuu: I'm initially inclined to say trying to give out tips, to everyone I thought could benefit, on what and how to study for an upcoming Calc test. Unfortunately and fortunately, that was less kindness and more human decency. The best act of simple kindness I did may have been the moment one morning I looked out of a bus window and caught the eye of a girl in a passing bus. I smiled at her, slightly so it could be sweet and not creepy. She smiled back. It made a difference in my day, and I hope it did for her too.
Darren Cheong: Helped someone out with some hw
Jason Cameron: help somebody in woodshop with a lathe project for a period
Sabrina Daracan: I went downtown to visit my friends and while I was at the station, I saw some tourists who got lost cause they weren’t familiar with the ttc so showed them the map and directed them to wherever they wanted to go.
Edna Nortey: This week has been an extremely off week, and I haven't been very happy or motivated. The kindest thing I did for someone else this week was probably dishing our sincere compliments. I am someone who always acknowledges positive things about another person (because I truly enjoy receiving such comments), so despite feeling so drained I made sure to keep doing that.
Josh w: I tutored some of my friends who needed help with computer science. It felt good to be helpful to others and to see them overcome their challenges.
Polar Bear: I noticed one of my friends was having an off day. So at school I tried to make conversation to check-in, though they weren't up for talking. So when I got home, and texted them to see if they were more comfortable talking online, and they were, I eventually helped express their feelings and allowed them to cope with what was going on.
aphids: I gave someone my seat on the TTC on the way to school.
Was there ever an opening for you to be kind this week that you missed out on?
Misheel Batkhuu: I should have bought more baked goods from Gardening Club. They had so many at the end of Mactoberfest, had cut down the prices substantially, and have a lot of initiatives they want to place funds towards. I'll be sure to support them next time:)
Darren Cheong: no
Jason Cameron: unsure
Sabrina Daracan: I don’t think so. I tried my best to help people out when they needed it.
Edna Nortey: There were plenty openings, I was just not feeling up to them I'm afraid.
Josh w: Nothing comes to mind.
Polar Bear: I do not believe so.
aphids: Not that I remember. There are often buskers in the halls around the subway that many people walk past without acknowledging. I'd prefer to not be one of those people except often my budget is limited and social anxiousness go brrrrr
Did anyone do anything kind for you this week? If so, what happened?
Misheel Batkhuu: 8-quart Instapot bundled up in my arms, I was running (or scuttling) towards a group of friends at the subway station waiting for a train. One guy, who had no association whatsoever with why I was carrying a giant pressure cooker, took one look at me, held out his hands, and offered to carry it. That was kind.
Darren Cheong: I woke someone up when they arrived at their bus stop. We became (sort of) friends after exchanging contacts.
Jason Cameron: yeah, can't recount it.
Sabrina Daracan: I bought 20 timbits at Tim Hortons just before they closed so the cashier lady gave me extra donuts.
Edna Nortey: During Mactoberfest, a few people lent me some money so I could get something small to eat. I had been working on the event the entire day, and my backpack was locked up in the library.
Josh w: I went to somebody from my church's house this Friday for a Bible study session. They were very hospitable to me, and they provided me with food and drinks. I felt very thankful for them afterwards, and I will remember their act of kindness.
Polar Bear: I was really stressed for an upcoming test, and one of my friends helped me to study and checked-in with me every once and a while to see if I was doing alright.
aphids: My friend sent me cute animal gifs when I was being irritable and tired. They were cute (obviously) and pretty heartwarming.
What are your goals for the next check-in?
Misheel Batkhuu: I'm going to try actively looking for opportunities to be kind in ways that go above and beyond; I want to give energy, not just share it sometimes.
Darren Cheong: continue to be nice
Jason Cameron: unknown
Sabrina Daracan: Do more things for people and spread kindness.
Edna Nortey: Get my motivation up and do some notable acts!
Josh w: I would like to be able to honestly answer a 5 on the "How do you think the challenge is going so far?" question, as I feel like I was not very engaged this week.
Polar Bear: My goal for the next check-in is to increase the number of kind acts that I commit.
aphids: To remember this event exists! And notice when I can do something kind
That wraps up the first week! Everyone in this group has had a different experience, and it’s very interesting to look at their findings. Stay tuned for next week’s installment of Make or Break - An Act of Kindness!

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