Welcome to the Lyon's Den

Home and Pride of the Mackenzie Lyons circa 1960

William Lyon Mackenzie C. I. is a Toronto District Secondary School opened in 1960 and located in North York. Mackenzie was named after the historical prowess William Lyon Mackenzie, the political agitator who led the government revolt in Toronto in 1837. In its years of establishing a home of blue and gold, William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate not only built an incredible student body of 1500 strong, but also a strong, tight knit community that prides itself on multicultural diversity, inclusion, creativity and academic innovation. And, here is where the heart and soul of the Lyon Pride resound.

William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate boasts scholastic excellence in its academic programing: the MaCS enrichment program, the Gifted Program, the ELL program, the Advanced Placement Program, and the FIT program. Collectively, these programs have helped nurture student voice and advocacy and inspire a variety of extracurricular opportunities from clubs and councils to intramurals and athletics, to school-wide events and initiatives, all of which beautifully reflect the spirit of membership - the roar of the Lyon Pride.

Our Vision

By definition, a metropolis is a significant cultural center of a country or region and a central hub for regional connections and communications. Likewise, it is our goal at Project Metropolis to create a centralized website at WLMAC where all students can easily access and share information with their peers, making this our own, online metropolis.

About the Site

The Mackenzie Lyon's Den (Project Metropolis) is a student-driven website that showcases the best of Mackenzie's pride; a central microcosm and communication hub, rich in representing the diverse facets of student life. Welcome to the Lyon's Den, the first stop to find out more about Mackenzie, its school-wide activities, events, initiatives, clubs and councils, Student Council offerings, creative student voice and essential resources to enrich Mackenzie student life!

Our site will continue to roll out new features and updates in the coming months. Users can look forward to a notification system, searching system, and a mobile app.

Our Team

A diverse group of 33 developers, artists, and creators worked in tandem to build this site.


Frontend Developers

Hazel Guo

Just like her valued (and preferably spicy) noodles, Hazel is brimming with warmth, solace, and a dash of ardor. She is as relatable as a frontend developer can get, with her acknowledgement of procrastination and zeal for grinding Monkeytype. She is also as cool as one gets, being a spirited chess player and hockey fan. No true Canadian, nor Lyon for that matter, will ever feel lonely at a hockey game with Hazel who supports the Leafs (and especially enjoys watching them throw leads!) with all her heart.
Jeffery Hu

We have to thank Jeffery for giving us is an opportunity to call someone a "polymath." A glance at his resume would make a valedictorian, teen entrepreneur, *and* athlete of the year rub their foreheads. Not only is he an appreciator of good food, like sushi, ribs, and pizza, Jeffery also loves good teachers who go the extra mile and are most WLMAC teachers. With his drive to learn and excel, Jeffery plays badminton, soccer, and frisbee, although he also reserves time for Netflix and reading (action and political thrillers). His bucket list items, from watching a Raptors game to touching a shark, only make it more exciting to imagine how Jeffery will fuse his passions when he one day runs a company that makes a positive impact.
Jimmy Liu

If one is in search of a teenager who manifests the spirit of a fresh, ambitious adolescent all with wholesomeness, they need not look further than Jimmy. An admirable conqueror of math, chess, competitive programming, and software development, Jimmy is also a badminton enthusiast. He takes his athletic abilities on screen too, surfing Nintendo Wii, and Mario Kart with a particular drive. On a final note, Jimmy, whose opinions are justified by his loving of sushi, lives by the words, "Try your best and forget the rest."
Alisa Wu

Beaming with energy and curiosity, Alisa does more than live for the universe's wonders. She is a living wonder, from her ability to wiggle her ears to her love for sashimi and "Breaking Bad." Her arrival in Project Metropolis - "*thee* place for innovation" - promises website design like never before and the development of a hamster lover who aspires to create the ultimate hamster enclosure. If you express your love for learning new things, especially photography and PC building, Alisa might sneak you a peek at her crystal collection and, if you're lucky, take you with her when she travels the world.
Daniel Ye

Although Daniel first joined the staff team as a learning experience, he has become someone reliable and integral to the development of Metropolis. Web development aside, he is not afraid to meet new people and help others, though he innately wishes for better social skills (and unlimited white tuna sushi, but that's beside the point). You can find Daniel on the Valorant grind with his friends or binging three anime seasons in one sitting.

Backend Developers

Paul Lee

Regarded as a central member of the team and known as a full stack developer, Paul is responsible for bringing the site and app to life through his work in API development and in the back-end framework Django. Paul's ingenuity and intelligence is matched with patience and a willingness to help others with whatever they need. He is not only a valuable member of Project Metropolis, but also a reliable friend to go to when you have absolutely no clue about how a database works. Aside from the outstanding work he does, Paul can be found on Discord using :monkey: to describe a variety of complex emotions.
Ken S

Ken is "someone who tries to keep things unambiguous." The aspiring software developer is straightforward and ambitious in all his conquests. If he could retake a course, he would go for French to improve his past performance, and the man makes a habit of reading one book per two days; 240,000 English words, hence his mastery of sporadically using oxford commas. If you'd like to obtain guidance from this tech, EDM, and literature lover, Ken would recommend K-On!, The Last Human, and 君の名は.
Peter Ye

A man of classic and contemporary taste, Peter's all-time favourite music consists of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen and "Night Burn" by Ben Segev. His wide range of interests, from "Lord of the Rings" and roller skating to coding and all boils down to dreams of being a software developer. He's certainly getting his training in - you can thank Peter for the timetable banner and authentication page updates. Being a Toronto Argonauts fan, one may find him throwing and kicking footballs during wellness breaks. In the meanwhile, he'll be relishing his dumplings and praying in advance to pass Grade 12 Chemistry next year.

App Developers

Shane Chen

Shane is the solicitous living being striving so open-mindedly that the universe loves him. It's why he would retake Geography if he could and why we know that as a YouTube content creator, reaching his bucket list goal of 100k subs would only take a matter of time. It's also why we're glad that Shane wasn't too distracted by hockey, swimming, badminton, cooking, sushi, 2010's music hits, or Big Bang Theory to see Project Metropolis as the single best opportunity to dive into software development. While Shane works hard at making the Project Metropolis app more appealing, let's keep WLMAC a "great environment" - "everyone works hard and helps each other."
Jeremy Liang

On the surface, Jeremy appears to be a computer science geek. On top of dreaming of a career in the field and his experience fixing bugs on the Project Metropolis app, Jeremy would retake ICS for the excuse to make a game. Nonetheless, the man is layered and down-to-earth, although his recent addiction to Valorant and stanning of Karasuno (Haikyuu!) as his number 1 sports team suggest otherwise. As a guitarist, Jeremy intends to release music on Spotify and ultimately attain the musical genius of WLMAC's very own Mr. Segev. Until then, he'll be enjoying the library, as well as perhaps Polyphia, Oshi No Ko, One Piece, or even snuck-in Jollibee's chicken, but surely most likely NodeJS.
Aaron Zhu

Aaron is chivalrous, knowing and respecting his values, interests, and disinterests. He fittingly describes himself as outgoing - he likes being around other people and is passionate about what he pursues, so much so that on his bucket list is travelling the world. Currently, Aaron has taken on the excellent development opportunity that encompasses building Project Metropolis' mobile app. He loves programming (and school!) so much that his favourite subjects are ICS and TEJ, and he would even take ICS2 again, partial credits to Mr. Wong. A man who would wish for "more time" if he could, Aaron un(ironically) lives by the words "seek discomfort" and "work smart, not hard." You can find him playing Tetris, enjoying noodles and dumplings, listening to radio and Chinese pop, all while dreaming of being CEO of a company he founded and having a dog.

Graphic Designers

Alicia Chung

Just as her artistic touch is poignant, Alicia knows how to paint between the lines of on-point and venturesome; She has the drive and confidence to pursue her passions and yearnings given that they are genuinely her heart's desires. As of now, her affections lie with the book that enkindled 35 straight minutes of tears, "The Book Thief," and pho. In the future, Alicia intends to travel the world, alone or with company, and broaden her horizons of diverse cultures, foods, and landscapes.
Nicole Cui

Mind constantly brimming with a myriad of ideas along with the drive to make them happen, Nicole yearns to both reach for heaven (see the northern lights) and stay grounded (go camping in Algonquin Park), all while keeping up to date with her MasterChef videos. She's also passionate about digital art and multiplayer video games like Overcooked, Stardew Valley, and (like half our staff) Valorant.
Zoe Fan-Chiang

To put it simply, Zoe knows what she's doing. Already a master of balancing when to listen to others and when to follow her own path, Zoe's joining Project Metropolis was a decision our dear graphic designer made because "Chelc said join and i listened because it's Chelc :D" A true Canadian, Zoe curls too, and a true artist with soul, she is also the only oboeist at WLMAC. Zoe intends to continue living her life listening (to Chelc), doing her best, and designing graphics.
Derek Ma

Derek Ma has such a bland personality he knows it. While others describe him as intimidating, Derek uses his suspiciously unsourced British-ism to describe himself as "conscientious" and embrace his appreciation for good manners. Jokes aside, Derek's a genuinely good person. Like anyone with decent taste, his favourite food is lasagna. Like any true WLMAC patriot, his favourite part about the school is the geese. And like any stereotypical tryhard, Derek would retake ICS if he could and he dreams of being an investment banker. On his bucket list, constructed from his stonks, cinematography, and computer hardware interests is building a computer, whaling on at least one character in Genshin Impact, and making it to retirement. Old age seems to be a genuine fear since Derek would wish, if he could, to advance healthcare to the point of curing ageing. However, we'll never know too much about the man who claims a cool fact about himself is that he likes starting fires. In a fireplace.
Chelsea W

Chelsea is the shortest person in our staff. All illustrations on the website, from the map to the login graphics, are her original work, truly a testament to how height doesn't mean everything. All jokes aside, Chelsea also runs her own music corner, creates her own calligraphy, and wastes her own life away watching cheesy K-dramas.
Connie Zhang

The "co" in Connie stands for "colour palette" - perfect for a fine someone who knows where and if her tastes lie, and based on that, makes the decisions that shape her authenticity. According to she who describes herself as "incredibly passive," Connie applied to Project Metropolis half-expecting to get rejected. However, her passion, including her fondness of horror, is exactly what our team values. Her spicy fancies, from dying her hair pastel pink to eating instant noodles so hot she can't taste anything else, make Connie super cool. If that isn't enough to get you to stop and stare, Connie's art is so good the artist herself states that she'd rather the fashion of the clothes she likes drawing over the world's mode manias.

Content Creators

Misheel Batkhuu

Unafraid of challenges, 42km ahead, 8849m up, or right inside of oneself, Misheel explores the world with a sixth sense - writing - and offers a glimpse into her fierce, kind-hearted self. Too modest to admit to her many talents, you may not know about Misheel's ability to disregard recipes yet somehow make them more delicious, speed-watch anime on 1.5x, and defend Godfather (the novel) like there's no tomorrow. The future professor's passion for Project Metropolis rings clear through her contributions to "A Day in the Life of", "Make or Break" and "Year by Year" and her unwavering support for the team.
Bernie Chen

Although Bernie has a tendency to portray himself as a typical nerd, one look at his character would suffice to prove he is anything but inauthentic. With a genuine love for the piano and sandbox games, he dreams of being a video game composer. However, just like the rest of us, Bernie admits WLMAC deserves what Project Metropolis will foster… in the meantime, he recommends broadening your horizons by trying some 小笼包.
Julianne Ho

A baker, gardener, painter, birder, And dancer with five years of rhythmic gymnastics background, Julianne is raging with talent and passion of a caliber one would only believe if they saw it with their own eyes. Bright-eyed herself, Julianne describes herself as “a person who really enjoys the little things in life.” Diligent as she is, Julianne’s bucket list actually stands a chance at being realized because she’s already on it: getting back to rock climbing and learning ASL. If the girl is starting to look too intimidating, she offers her comfort song: Castle Town by Toby Fox. As for why she’s here on Project Metropolis, the Laufey lover intends to give WLMAC some fun content to enjoy and, definitely not more importantly, help the team get sleep.
Celine Hwang

With her soulful heart, Celine is sure to make a lasting impact wherever she sets foot; quite literally, as she is a cardinal member of the Mac Dance Team. Her favourite movies are empowering rom-com hits from the 90s/200s, including Mean Girls and Legally Blonde, and her music taste extends from Ariana Grande to Blackpink. For Celine, Project Metropolis means an opportunity, not only to work with fellow (math) savants but to ensure WLMAC's ears are open to good music. For now, she would highly recommend listening to Eighteen by Key. To reinforce her wish for everyone to look back on life with no regrets, here are the song lyrics Celine lives by, "My mama said I'm living today for tomorrow, my daddy said it won't be easy but that's life, you only live once."
Edna Nortey

Edna is the epitome of elevation, from her motto "hustle" to her showstopping afro. With a taste for Jollof rice, strawberry milk, and contemporary R&B, she has what teachers look for in kids - love for the challenge in Math, the creativity of English, and the wonders of Science - as well as what kids hope for from teachers - someone you can look up to (literally!). If the future civil/architectural engineer and current equity rep isn't contributing to Mac Lyons' Den, there's no shortage of places you might find her, from the track, soccer field, or volleyball court to classic or mystery literature to the glory of WLMAC's "hallway covered with blue ears."


Ivy Fan-Chiang

Ivy's back-end development duties entail some incredibly immersive work such as dealing with the site's REST API, database models, and calendar. A loyal and supportive friend through and through, Ivy joined the initiative upon hearing the call. They also save time for playing the flute and 3-D printing.
Diana Lin

Just like her work, Diana's taste is authentic; for her, life just wouldn't be the same without peanut sauce and noodles. Neither can she go without highly recommending Mini Motorways to anyone with an assignment due tomorrow.
Peter Lin

Peter's charm lies in how he champions his tastes in a cleverly inviting, kindly open-minded way like no one else can. Despite his devotion to Genshin Impact, Tetris, and A Certain Magical Index and claims of wishing to be able to do nothing for a living (except *maybe* teaching kids), Peter is an enthusiast for challenges and Earth's wonders. From cubing to badminton, Asian pop to Physics, his love for sushi to his promise to code 3D graphics, Peter's life is far from boring. What completes it is his persistent regard for all humans - credits to him for ensuring Project Metropolis Lead Waba (2022) always finished his work for the night to play League.
Justin Lu

Saying Justin Lu is only the project manager would be an understatement. He has worked at all ends of development: designed the overall website, recruited/selected other team members, created front-end pages, and as a whole has championed Project Metropolis since its inception in May. When Justin's not dealing with Vice-President responsibilities or schoolwork, he fanboys Johnny Harris (like a true Canadian), grinds the heck out of Genshin Impact, and tries to "live without regret," to varying degrees of success. He's also obsessed with macOS keyboard shortcuts - some of his favourites are CMD + OPT + SHIFT + V and KLDSJFSDF.
Aava Sapkota

Passionate, avid, and bearing a sharp eye for masterful world-building and science, Aava designed the school map and its remarkable features. In addition, she is an adamant advocate of sci-fi fantasy author Brandon Sanderson and cherishes WLMAC's science and math teachers for their efforts and talents. Alas, physics lessons aren't enough to ward one away from daredevil stunts; Aava has bungee jumping on her bucket list.
Eric Shim

Eric Shim may be the closest person within our staff to a weeb. He is somehow so sharp witted and sui generis that his talents would be wasted if he were not here, tasked with creating the announcement and blog pages as well as fixing much of the errors found during QA (quality assurance) testing. Eric is easygoing, knowledgeable, and a great source of inside jokes (case in point: 夜核). He spends his spare time writing music arrangements, reading manga and light novels, regularly updating his Discord statuses and names in Japanese, and immersing himself in new languages.
Vlad Surdu

Considering his breadth of initiatives and values, Vlad is at once human and superhuman. He applied his knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS and React Native to a broad range of tasks involving the styling of the app's window screens as well as polishing styles and functionalities pertaining to the website's map and calendar. Often you will find Vlad on a bike ride, at the gym, or in his room developing a website for his international students.
Justin Zhu

With wishes of becoming a video game director, Justin joined the team with the intentions of helping out and practicing his programming. Justin is the main developer behind the club pages, but he regularly assists with all parts of web development, spreading the twin gospels of Pokemon and anime along the way.

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