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The Holiday Game Jam - Coming to You in a Week!

Introducing Mackenzie’s first-ever Holiday Game Jam!

A game jam is a competitive and social event where teams of up to 4 students create video games and then pitch their new game ideas to the rest of the group. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, create something cool, and learn a thing or two! No previous game dev experience is required - we’ll be running many workshops over the event to expand your knowledge of game dev. We’ll also be hosting fun activities for you and your friends to participate in and enjoy over the span of the event!

The Holiday Game Jam will run from December 27th at noon to December 31st at noon. Teams will have a total of 96 hours to both create and prepare a game and a pitch. To read more, visit:


Register your team of up to 4 members by December 26th @ midnight. There is no registration fee; all students currently attending William Lyon Mackenzie can participate!


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