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Historically one of the most prominent clubs at WLMAC, DECA Mac members specializing in Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, and Business Admin train every Tuesday at lunch in the business classrooms. Thanks to our outstanding trainers, resource drive, and members, we are renowned regionally, provincially, and internationally.

DECA is an international business case competition where students compete in different events to develop their communication, problem-solving and analysis skills. In total, over 200,000+ students compete in the United States and Canada. The competition is composed of 2 core elements: a multiple choice exam and a case presentation. The multiple-choice exam measures competitors’ knowledge of business concepts while the case presentation tests their public speaking and problem-solving skills. Altogether, there are 3 levels of competition: Regionals, Provincials, and Internationals. Regionals are held in November between competitors in Toronto. Those who qualify move onto Provincials, which is held at the downtown Sheraton in February between competitors from all across Ontario. Finally, Provincial Champions are invited to the DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC), which is hosted in Orlando, Florida for the 2022-23 season.

If you are looking to develop your public speaking skills, learn more about business, or meet new people, then DECA is for you. As a member, you will be welcomed into a tight-knit community where you can establish long-lasting relationships with other like-minded people. Through practice and competition, you will gain confidence in youself and your abilities. You will also develop the capacity to think quickly on your feet and present your ideas effectively. Finally, through studying business concepts, you will have a better knowledge of marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship and how they shape our everyday lives.