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Year by Year - Staff to Stage

Misheel Batkhuu
Oct. 21, 2021, 5:01 p.m.

The mini-society that is high school typically houses a myriad of personalities, issues, rivalries, and friendships. While diversity is prevalent, there tend to be stereotypical classifications between the four grades. WLMAC is no exception. Today we bring to the stage members of Project Metropolis itself Chelsea Wong (Grade 10), Bernie Chen (Grade 11) and Justin Lu (Grade 12):

What do you believe to be the most dreadful part of high school?

Chelsea: “Probably COVID, yeah.”
Bernie: “COVID. Period.”
Justin: “For me, the last month of Grade 11 was my most stressful and hectic part of high school so far. Many of the largest clubs at Mac do their applications for leadership and exec positions, and when combined with the fast-paced quadmesters of both a fast-tracked Chem 12 and Physics 11, AP exams, and the Student Council elections, I was barely staying afloat.”

What dreams do you have for when you leave WLMAC?

Chelsea: “When I leave WLMAC, I hope to have experienced the high school experience and probably know for sure what I want to do in life.”
Bernie: “Having a meaningful relationship.”
Justin: “I wish to start a creative venture in my last few months at Mac while I catch senioritis. It’s been a goal of mine ever since middle school to run a photography business and have an online storefront, but I’ve simply never gotten to it due to time. I also want to learn how to bake well.”

Is reality better or worse than expectations?

Chelsea: “Better, for sure! I thought that everyone would be scary, but then I realized that everyone’s pretty friendly.”
Bernie: “Yes. [pause] fine if you want a real answer, better.”
Justin: “Coming to high school, I had no idea what to expect. Popular media had shown high school to be cliquey, awkward, and full of bullying, but of course I came to realize this wasn’t the case and have since enjoyed it.”

What’s your favourite/most traumatic/special spot/location at WLMAC?

Chelsea: “I don’t think I’ve fully explored the whole school yet. But from where I’ve been at the school, I think I would say outside under the trees and on the grass, specifically the area between exits 3 and 4, is pretty nice (other than the bees).
Bernie: “The portable porch.”
Justin: “I’ve always thought the spot just west of the science exit facing the business hallway is quite pretty - it’s also my favourite spot for headshots. The tech room at the back of the cafeteria also holds a special place in my mind.”

(What) would you like to be remembered (as) by future years?

Chelsea: “I don’t really know. If I do get remembered though, hopefully it’s for something good.”
Bernie: “As a nerd I guess. I don’t know, no one will remember me for long.”
Justin: “Someone who was deeply involved in the community and managed to accomplish.”

What is your general impression of grade 9?

Chelsea: “Online school, deprivation of social interaction, (and lots of Tetris).”
Bernie: “COVID.”
Justin: “Carefree, curious, energized, social, and grades are generally lowest.”

What is your general impression of grade 10?

Chelsea: “Not sure yet. Still in progress. :D”
Bernie: “COVID.”
Justin: “Still quite relaxed and very social, grades don’t matter yet.”

What is your general impression of grade 11?

Chelsea: “🤷‍♀️.”
Bernie: “Hugs.”
Justin: “Lot of grinding, starting to form a smaller friend group, focused more on academics and more people joining extracurricular.”

What words do you live by?

Chelsea: “im hungry" / "the past is in the past" (elsa )”
Bernie: “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.”
Justin: “Life keeps going.”

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