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Week in Review: Remembering November

Derek Ma
Dec. 3, 2021, 9:55 p.m.

On November 11th was Remembrance Day, a day we put aside to honour those who fought and died in the first and second World Wars,
along with other Canadian deployments. The Poppy, Canada's symbol for Remembrance day, celebrates its 100th birthday since its creation in 1921.

Some other things that happened this week:
- The AMC 10/12 contest happened on Wednesday morning. A congratulations to all participants, and be sure to look out for results!
- Mackenzie Athletic Council applications are out for grade 9s. Applications close on November 22nd, and the form can be found here.

Some things to look out for next week:
- The Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests (CSMC and CIMC) are being held on Wednesday, November 17th. Good luck to those who are participating.
- Wednesday is a late start day, so take an extra hour of sleep!
- Wednesday is Mackenzie's first Food Day this year! Get ready to see clubs selling food outside during lunch!
- Friday is a P/A day. Enjoy a fantastic long weekend!

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