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Week in Review: Holiday Cheer

Derek Ma
Dec. 10, 2021, 10:30 p.m.

Lots of exciting things happened this week. You might notice a lovely theme of holiday spirit that is beginning in our school.

SACmas is back! For the entirety of next week, SAC is holding a multitude of festive holiday events.
Spirit dress-up days, a whopping 3 food days, candy grams, and a new maclyonsden game!
Find more information on our Instagram page here.
Look forward to the holiday spirit, mac!

Some other things that happened this week:

  • MCPT's December LCC happened this Thursday. Congratulation to all participants!
  • Wednesday was a late start. Watch for the next late start days, so you don't get stuck in cold weather around these times.
  • The Secret Snowflake holiday card event is here! Wellness @ Mac is hosting a schoolwide card exchange for students to spread the holiday cheer.
    Signup for the Secret Snowflake holiday card event closes on December 10th. More info will be sent on December 13th. Find out more here.
  • Grad quote deadlines have been extended to today at midnight. Send in those grad quotes, grade 12s!
  • The ACED holiday competition was held on Tuesday. Congratulations to all participants, you did wonderfully.

Some things to look forward to next week:

  • CCC (Canadian Computing Competition) pre-registrations have been opened, and are due on January 5th. Find the registration page here.
  • Cyberpatriot round 3 happens this Saturday, December 10th.
  • Music Council "Sounds of the Season" will hold their live premiere of performances on Youtube! Come watch the premiere on Thursday, December 16th, at 7 pm.
  • This holiday season, the Creative Writing Club is hosting a holiday escape room! Find out more here.
    Creator's Joy is opening another holiday e-card event in a partnership with SickKids Hospital. 1 volunteer hour is given for 2 cards, and students can make a maximum of 6 cards. The holiday e-card drive is happening between December 7th and December 17th. Find out more here.

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