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Week in Review: Oct-over

Derek Ma
Nov. 5, 2021, 10:57 a.m.

We've seen lots of excitement and school spirit this week! Mactoberfest was a blast, and we'd like to thank all the clubs and councils that helped out with the festivities.

Congratulations to all who wrote the COMC math contest on Thursday, you all did wonderfully!

Here are some other mentions in our weekly recap:
- Late start happened this Wednesday, make sure to take advantage of those for some extra rest.
- Concert Band and Music Ensemble had their information meeting.
- Creator's Joy announced their collaboration with Wordswell, be sure to check out their E-card drive.
- LCC, MCPT's monthly programming contest, had their deadlines close, and the contest ran on Thursday. Congratulations to those who participated!
Look out for their contest next month.
- LetsTalkNow, Mackenzie's first and only social discourse club, held their first meeting during Thursday lunch.
- UNICEF applications close on Sunday, applications can be handed in over the weekend.
- Gardening Club is continuously improving our beautiful gardens.
- Wellness @ Mac applications close on Sunday. You still have time to get your applications in!

Some things to look out for next week:
- MaCS info night happens on Thursday, so it is a late start day! More extra sleep!!!
- Parent teacher interviews happen next Wednesday, so school ends early (11:30 am).
- Creator's Joy e-card drive is still happening, the sign-up form is posted [here] (https://forms.gle/zzJDfoYtxM71c7wp7)
- Business Council results will be released. Applicants, please check if you made it.
- Mural Committee applications close on October 31st! Be sure to apply if you're interested.
- AMC 10/12 will be running on November 10th, 2021.

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