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September Selections

Bernie Chen
Sept. 21, 2021, 10:11 p.m.

One of our ideas for our blog was to share our tastes in music! We all have a specific playlist, album or artist we love, and most of us use music as a coping mechanism, to help with studying, or just for the vibes. If you want to expose yourself to different genres, find new songs to listen to, or critique our tastes, these monthly posts will be here for you.

Here are our selections for September:

Vitamin K

A good portion of our staff are K-pop fans, so we would be remiss to ignore that genre. This playlist features our recommendations for you, whether you're just dipping your toes in or searching for more songs to add to your ten-hour playlist.

The Nostalgia Button

No music hits harder than than that of video games you played and movies you watched when you were little. These pieces are all soundtracks of popular games and films with a general theme of ambience and retrospection.
This playlist is purely instrumental.

Rewind, Remix, Repitch

Nightcore is a music genre that remixes existing songs, often speeding up and raising the pitch to achieve a new musical atmosphere. This playlist was specifically requested from one of our staff (:blobglare:), so here it is.

Inspiration came from cheollie's music corner and the Lyon's playlists. If you have any recommendations, requests, or want to help us with next month's playlists, DM Bernie through Discord (carminite#0420)

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