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Odes of October

Celine Hwang
Oct. 22, 2021, 11:49 p.m.

Greetings from your new music content creator! I am proud to present these newly currated playlists for the month, inspired and created by the staff at Project Metropolis. Each of these selections are very distinct from each other and I hope everyone is able to add some good music to their day!

Here are our selections for October:

Ghostly Gala

Halloween is one of Mac's most beloved holidays, so why not celebrate this Mactoberfest with our selection of spooky songs? This playlist encompasses a variety of genres to appeal to everyone's tastes. Here's your ticket to the ghostly gala!

Snapshot Stories

This playlist was inspired by the choose-your-own ending books I read as a child. Music is a way for us to choose a role to play; you choose a song to listen to just as you would pick a book off a bookshelf. Have fun taking your pick!


Recommended by our staff, here is a collection of big band jazz songs to set the mood, whether it's for a cozy, rainy afternoon or a lengthy homework session.

At the Cinema

Specially created by Patrick, this selection of iconic movie themes is sure to bring nostalgia and maybe even make you feel as if you are part of the movie.

If you have any recommendations or requests for next month's playlists, please DM Celine on Discord (celine_celestium#4003) or Instagram (@celine_celestium).

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