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Notes of November

Celine Hwang
Nov. 28, 2021, 4:49 p.m.

Congratulations on getting through another month! I am very excited to share these new playlists for you to enjoy! I also recommend listening to the playlists by order of appearance because that has been taken into account. Our staff is continuing to explore a variety of themes and genres to bring you great music every month.

Here are our selections for November:

Under the Mistletoe

Get ready for December with this playlist to set the holiday mood! Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday so I wanted to share a mix of my favourite carols, old and new. This careful collection will definitely keep you company if you want to cozy up during winter break!

Culture Shock

This playlist was created at the suggestion of one of our amazing staff! All of the songs are a culmination of recommendations from many different staff members. It was monumental to see different tastes come together during the process!


Here's a collection of oldies profoundly inspired by a certain Marvel movie. See how many songs you can recognize while listening to this feel-good playlist!

Winter Heartbreak

The elevated, purifying quality of Nightcore in this playlist doesn't mean the traditional boosted partying energy. Instead, it highlights the sense of fragmenting innocence and ambivalent hope for love that accompanies a broken heart. For you who need a careful collection of songs to console you through your sorrows, this selection is for you.

If you have any recommendations or requests for next month's playlists, please DM Celine on Discord (celine_celestium#4003) or Instagram (@celine_celestium).

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