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Bed by 11 - Post Week 3

Misheel Batkhuu
Oct. 11, 2021, 1 p.m.

As we find ourselves at the halfway point of our first “Make or Break,” our participants have not only divided experience and perspective-wise. What was once seven is now four. Let’s see how these troopers are doing:

What changes have you noticed in your routine (sleep, morning, work)?

Keren (Grade 10): “I find myself rushing in a way to get to bed by 11:00. I stop doing my homework around 10:40 or so and quickly shower before going to bed.”

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): “I've noticed that my routines overall have become more efficient as I have gotten used to the new routines I've set for myself and they cause less stress, especially in the mornings, because they ensure that I don't forget to do anything important.”

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): “A huge change I've noticed about the way I sleep is the lack of needing to use sleep methods. Previously I would need to fall asleep watching calming videos or listening to music, but now I can go directly to bed and fall asleep on command without any assistance. This also means I can be awake enough to put my alarm on the table before falling asleep, which actually makes it more audible for me in the morning - I've noticed my bed muffles the vibrations. I've also achieved my goal of regularly being productive in mornings, meaning I am fully awake when arriving to my first class of the day. Rather than panicking and frying my nerves when learning new concepts, I can actually slowly work through it and figure them out myself!”

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): “I've gotten a lot less productive at night, and a lot more during the day. I don't know if it's my general (changing) attitude or particular circumstances, but I spend most of my hours right up until 10:30 doing easy note-taking, or dare I admit it, SOCIALIZING. I make up for it in the early morning when I ensure I have at least an hour to be at least 80% full engine productive. I'm also relying on my TTC transit time to do quick 5-10 minute tasks.”

What changes have you noticed in your energy levels and performance?

Keren (Grade 10): “I have noticed that the effect of getting a little more sleep than before and being less tired has stopped. Lower energy levels throughout the day with spikes of high energy.”

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): “Lately I've been feeling less groggy in the mornings and felt ready to get up and get my day started once I've woken up.”

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): “Waking up early has given me enough time to eat breakfast everyday, and because I'm still not hungry around lunch time from breakfast, I try to maximize my productivity then. When I become hungry, it is perfect timing afterschool, which means I don't have a large energy crash anymore. Without the 3-hour afternoon naps, I can now sleep peacefully at night.”

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): “I'm feeling well energized throughout the entire day! I no longer fall asleep in class except for a few short moments:) I don't know if, again, this is due to "particular" changes in my personal life, or if it's due to this challenge. However, it was an interesting and welcome shift. I feel like although I'm still sleeping and getting up at the same time, for the same amount of time, I'm feeling much better over time. I feel fully refreshed and ready to go all hours of the day. I'm surprised if this really is proof of the quality of my sleep improving so fast and so soon, and it is exciting. Not only am I sleeping early and not only does that make me feel inclined to be productive, I'm actually in the right state of mind to be productive and happy now:)”

How do you feel when you talk to or think about people who sleep regularly by 11?

Keren (Grade 10): “I think if myself as a person that goes to sleep at 11, since I’ve been doing it for three weeks. I think if an efficient person who can get everything thing done quickly and get a lot of sleep, or someone who goes to sleep early to wake up at like 5am.”

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): “Talking to others who sleep regularly by 11, I feel encouraged to continue with the challenge as they seem more energized during their day and I really want to experience that as well.”

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): “When I talk to people who sleep regularly by 11, I think they seem very put-together. I used to aspire to have their ability to find and stick to a schedule that works for them. They always seem to find leisure time to do fun activities I wanted to try.”

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): “I'm wowed by their consistency and accountability for their health. I wonder how they feel... do their bodies and minds feel as fresh and able as mine? Do they actively, subtly, or not appreciate it if they can? Why did they start or why do they keep sleeping by 11? Were they simply forced into it, or is it just a routine they've gotten used to?”

How do you feel when you talk to or think about people who (can) sleep later or have an irregular sleep schedule?

Keren (Grade 10): “Very disorganized, and maybe having to do things at the last minute.”

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): “Thinking about those who sleep later or have an irregular sleep schedule, I feel that they'd feel tired during their day and possibly have less focus in class because they are so fatigued.”

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): “They feel very relatable, as if they know exactly what struggles I have. I had many friends that I would be open and vulnerable to very late at night, or work together past midnight (before this challenge). I get the impression they sacrifice some of their happiness in order to balance leisure and work time with an active social life, however they seem like they can finish their work easily under pressure (which I could not do). It also gives me the sense that they aren't feeling the healthiest mentally.”

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): “Oh they're missing out. Whenever someone mentions not getting enough sleep, or having slept late, I wish I could just tell them to do this challenge with me. It's not that I want to be a mom, but I really do think, especially after I'm noticing the quality of my sleep improving now, that making it a habit of getting in bed by 11 is worth it.”

How do you feel moving on with this challenge for Week 4?

Keren (Grade 10): “Pretty confident. I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long.”

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): "Heading into week 4 of this challenge I'm feeling pretty good and am hopeful to see new benefits arise.”

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): “I think it's starting to become more sustainable for me, I've found a good balance between productivity and procrastination. I can feel myself getting into the routine, both mentally and physically. I used to pull all-nighters somewhat often, though now my circadian rhythm has definitely shifted as I can't seem to stay awake past 11:30 pm-12 am.”

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): “Week 4! Wow, time sure does fly:) I feel great, definitely excited to see if this excellent quality of sleep holds up.”

Which best describes you right now?

Keren (Grade 10): Option 5 (sunglasses)

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): Option 4 (blushing, content)

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): Option 4 (blushing, content)

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): Option 4 (blushing, content)

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