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Bed by 11 - Post Week 2

Misheel Batkhuu
Oct. 11, 2021, 1 p.m.

The first two weeks are without argument among the most eventful, dramatic ones of the school year… and they’re even more so when you’re trying to forge a new habit. Here are the thoughts of our “Make or Break” series participants two weeks into sleeping by 11:

Is this challenge getting easier, harder to keep up with, or the same?

Keren (Grade 10): “I think it has stayed the same. Completed homework before bed hasn’t been possible, but I’ve been able to finish it in the morning.”

Alexandra Miller (Grade 11): “Harder!”

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): “This challenge is becoming somewhat easier because I feel more tired from the day and I end up sleeping earlier because of this.”

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): “This challenge is getting much harder to keep up with, in order to finish my increasing workload I find myself needing to wake up very early in the mornings, which was one of my biggest difficulties before I had started trying to build this habit.”

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): “I find that it's getting harder, not necessarily because of the challenges I complained about last week, but mostly because I'm getting lazier and lazier. I only start wrapping up my studies for bed around 10:50, whereas I used to be so adamant about being in bed by 10:30 so I could read with my sister. I guess I might be losing a bit of momentum.”

Are the benefits of this challenge increasing, decreasing, or the same in effectiveness and magnitude?

Keren (Grade 10): “They have stayed the same.”

Alexandra Miller (Grade 11): “When I get in bed by 11 I notice a big difference in my energy levels and well-being! It makes me want to go to bed by 11.”

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): “The benefits of this challenge have stayed the same as I haven't noticed any new benefits, nor have I lost the benefit of having a bit more energy as a result of having time allocated for sleeping.”

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): “I would say the benefits of this challenge remained the same in effectiveness and magnitude overall, however, I believe some benefits are decreasing while others are increasing when focusing on them individually. In the previous week, I was feeling the positive effects of having long sleep times, such as less sleepiness in class and irritability. This week I had felt the benefits of enjoying the early morning, such as being able to wake up much earlier than I ever thought possible for myself, as well as getting my day started with a boost of productivity.”

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): “They're about the same. I'm still glad I'm doing this though. I don't struggle to get out of bed in the morning, I still run long-distance some mornings (the days aren't consistent, but the times a week still are), and I'm more attentive in class than I was in previous school years. Like, I actually find myself learning in class now, rather than suffering and going home to suffer again as I attempt to teach myself late into the night.”

Are there any drawbacks in this challenge that you're noticing incrementing, decrementing, or remaining in magnitude?

Keren (Grade 10): “Finishing homework has become more of a challenge.”

Alexandra Miller (Grade 11): “As more of my extracurriculars start-up, I have less time to do my homework which makes me go to bed later (or not do it).”

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): “There haven’t been any noticeable drawbacks in this challenge so far.”

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): “A major drawback I've noticed incrementing after Week 2 is, as predicted from Week 1, a somewhat low productivity rate that is not quite matching the increasing workload. Another drawback that had taken me by surprise is the energy crash that occurs after school - I find myself accidentally taking a nap (which personally always lasts for 3 hours, no more and no less), which wastes the perfect time in my daily schedule for schoolwork and causes insomnia late at night.”

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): “I've never noticed drawbacks and that fact remains the same for me.”

How do you feel moving on with this challenge for Week 3?

Keren (Grade 10): “A little nervous…”

Alexandra Miller (Grade 11): “Hoping to do better than this week!”

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): “I feel positive moving on with this challenge because I feel that I am getting used to my new schedule.”

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): “Week 3 might be the toughest of this challenge yet, as there are many upcoming tests and quizzes that I need to prepare for. I believe this might be the "make or break" week, where other habits that change my daily schedule have to be solidified or I will fall behind and would be forced to leave the challenge. ”

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): “Very determined to be more disciplined and less lazy about getting in bed on time and ensuring I follow the other habits I was trying to pair (bedtime reading, morning long-distance running). I also have to make my morning routine MUCH more efficient. I think waking up early falsely gives me the impression I have time to dilly dally but really, that "extra" time should be designated for intense (or light) studying I couldn't do the night before.”

Which best describes you right now?

Keren (Grade 10): Option 9 (no expression, deadset)

Alexandra Miller (Grade 11): Option 5 (sunglasses)

Ayesha Rivera (Grade 11): Option 7 (weary, eyebags)

Julianne Ho (Grade 11): Option 3 (crying, sobs)

Misheel Batkhuu (Grade 11): Option 1 (angry, determined)

If you would like to make any suggestions for our next "Make or Break" series, we would love to hear your suggestions! Send them in through here: https://forms.gle/9XwhusCA63ueVxCm9

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