Welcome to 2022! School is virtual from January 5th to 17th

Our Vision

By definition, a metropolis is a significant cultural center of a country or region and a central hub for regional connections and communications. Likewise, it is our goal at Project Metropolis to create a centralized website at WLMAC where all students can easily access and share information with their peers, making this our own, online metropolis.

About the Site

Originally inspired by the previous Student Council information site and MAC Radio, Project Metropolis aims to combines several previous platforms into one.

With the shift towards increasing online connectivity, we've worked on digitizing resources like announcements and club information so that even students attending virtual school can easily have access. The club system allows users to personalize their experience through "opt-in" memberships and tags. Over the coming while, users can expect regular digital content via the blog, such as "Humans of WLMAC" (a spontaneous photojournalism series), or "Make or Break" (a series on setting habits).

Our site will continue to roll out new features and updates in the coming months. Users can look forward to a notification system, searching system, and possibly a mobile app.

Our Team

A diverse group of 19 developers, artists, and creators worked in tandem to build this site.


Frontend Developers

Diana Lin

Diana Lin is a front-end developer for Project Metropolis. Just like her work, Diana’s taste is authentic; for her, life just wouldn’t be the same without peanut sauce and noodles. Neither can she go without highly recommending Mini Motorways to anyone with an assignment due tomorrow.
Aava Sapkota

Aava Sapkota is a web/app developer for Project Metropolis. Passionate, avid, and bearing a sharp eye for masterful world-building and science, Aava designed the school map and its remarkable features. In addition, she is an adamant advocate of sci-fi fantasy author Brandon Sanderson and cherishes WLMAC’s science and math teachers for their efforts and talents. Alas, physics lessons aren’t enough to ward one away from daredevil stunts; Aava has bungee jumping on her bucket list.
Eric Shim

Eric Shim may be the closest person within our staff to a weeb. He is a front-end developer and debugger for Project Metropolis, tasked with creating the announcement and blog pages as well as fixing much of the errors found during QA (quality assurance) testing. Eric is easygoing, knowledgeable, and a great source of inside jokes (case in point: 夜核). He spends his spare time writing music arrangements, reading manga and light novels, and immersing himself in new languages.
Vlad Surdu

Vlad is a front-end developer for Project Metropolis. He applied his knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS and React Native to a broad range of tasks involving the styling of the app’s window screens as well as polishing styles and functionalities pertaining to the website’s map and calendar. Often you will find Vlad on a bike ride, at the gym, or in his room developing a website for his international students.
Daniel Ye

Daniel Ye is a front-end developer for Project Metropolis. Although he first joined the staff team as a learning experience, Daniel has become someone reliable and integral to the development of Metropolis. Web development aside, he is not afraid to meet new people and help others, though he innately wishes for better social skills (and unlimited white tuna sushi, but that’s beside the point). You can find Daniel on the Valorant grind with his friends or binging three anime seasons in one sitting.
Justin Zhu

Justin Zhu is a front-end developer for Project Metropolis. With wishes of becoming a video game director, he joined the team with the intentions of helping out and practicing his programming. Justin is the main developer behind the club pages, but he regularly assists with all parts of web development, spreading the twin gospels of Pokemon and anime along the way.

Backend Developers

Quentin Fan-Chiang

Quentin Fan-Chiang is a back-end developer for Project Metropolis, which entails some incredibly immersive work such as dealing with the site’s REST API, database models, and calendar. A loyal and supportive friend through and through, Quentin joined the initiative upon hearing the call. They also save time for playing the flute and 3-D printing.
Paul Lee

Paul Lee is a full stack developer for Project Metropolis. Regarded as a central member of the team, he was responsible for bringing the site and app to life through his work in API development and in the back-end framework Django. Paul’s ingenuity and intelligence is matched with patience and a willingness to help others with whatever they need. He is not only a valuable member of Project Metropolis, but also a reliable friend to go to when you have absolutely no clue about how a database works. Aside from the outstanding work he does, Paul can be found on Discord using :monkey: to describe a variety of complex emotions.
Ken Shibata

Ken Shibata is a backend developer for Project Metropolis. A very fitting self-description of "someone who tries to keep things unambiguous" sums up Ken’s character perfectly. The aspiring software developer is straightforward and ambitious in all his conquests. If he could retake a course, he would go for French to improve his past performance, and the man makes a habit of reading one book per two days; 240,000 English words, hence his mastery of sporadically using oxford commas. If you’d like to obtain guidance from this tech, EDM, and literature lover, Ken would recommend K-On!, The Last Human, and 君の名は.
Peter Ye

Peter Ye is a backend developer for Project Metropolis. A man of classic and contemporary taste, Peter’s all-time favourite music consists of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and “Night Burn” by Ben Segev. His wide range of interests, from “Lord of the Rings” and roller skating to coding and all boils down to dreams of being a software developer. He’s certainly getting his training in - you can thank Peter for the timetable banner and authentication page updates. Being a Toronto Argonauts fan, one may find him throwing and kicking footballs during wellness breaks. In the meanwhile, he’ll be relishing his dumplings and praying in advance to pass Grade 12 Chemistry next year.

Content Creators

Misheel Batkhuu

Misheel Batkhuu is the resident writer of Project Metropolis and the chief tormentor of Bernie within the Metropolis staff. Overwhelmingly brimming with energy and positivity, she sets herself apart from others not because of academic skill, but because of her willingness to try anything and everything. Not to say that she’s academically lacking, however—her love of science would say otherwise. If you want to talk about karate, yoga, oatmeal, or are just a diehard romantic, Misheel is here for you.
Bernie Chen

Bernie Chen is a content creator for Project Metropolis. Although he has a tendency to portray himself as a typical nerd, one look at Bernie’s character would suffice to prove he is anything but inauthentic. With a genuine love for the piano and sandbox games, he dreams of being a video game composer. However, just like the rest of us, Bernie admits WLMAC deserves what Project Metropolis will foster… in the meantime, he recommends broadening your horizons by trying some 小笼包.
Celine Hwang

Celine Hwang is a music correspondent for Project Metropolis. With her soulful heart, Celine is sure to make a lasting impact wherever she sets foot. Quite literally, as she is a cardinal member of the Mac Dance Team. Her favourite movies are empowering rom-com hits from the 90s/200s, including Mean Girls and Legally Blonde, and her music taste extends from Ariana Grande to Blackpink. For Celine, Project Metropolis means an opportunity, not only to work with fellow (math) savants but to ensure WLMAC’s ears are open to good music. For now, she would highly recommend listening to Eighteen by Key. To reinforce her wish for everyone to look back on life with no regrets, here are the song lyrics Celine lives by, “My mama said I’m living today for tomorrow, my daddy said it won’t be easy but that’s life, you only live once.”

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