Welcome to 2022! School is virtual from January 5th to 17th
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Assembled Clubs Entrepreneurial Development:
ACED Mackenzie, is a business case competition team that trains and inspires members to magnify their academic, business, and personal potential while maintaining a safe and positive environment 👔 .

ACED aims to:
✅ Advance bright-minded high school youth with an interactive way to explore the world of business
✅ Coach individuals in vital 21st-century skills
✅ Embolden collaboration, networking, and friendly competition
✅ Direct the interconnected dreams and hopes to a shining future

Our members will participate in exciting events such as an in-school and inter-school competition 🏆 , a holiday boot camp ☃️ , an end-of-year dinner 🥂 .

ACED'S 2021-2022 TEAM HAS BEEN RELEASED! Check out https://bit.ly/wlmacacedteam to see the results 👀

First Meeting will be on Tuesday November, 2nd at 11:40am. Report to the room assigned to your event (can be found on the memberlist). Please eat lunch before coming, as masks will be mandatory throughout the meeting.

Follow us on Instagram for updates! @wlmac.aced 🦁